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How To Build Your Defense During The Preseason Without A Ball ...

And it works with any defense... In most states, there are rules that forbid you from using a ball during the preseason. However, you are allowed to do conditioning without a basketball. And even if you're not allowed to be on a basketball court... You can go outside, to a tennis court, or to a conference room.

Layup Footwork Drill (No Ball) - Online Basketball Drills

How it Works Start in triple threat position with no ball Right Hand Layup: On the coaches signal, take a step with the right foot, then step with the left foot Drive your right knee up and jump off the left foot, making a shooting motion with your right hand Repeat until halfcourt, then turn around ...

Trying New Drills – No Dribble is Still One of the Best

This past month we got back to playing “No Dribble Games”. For the most part, we play “half court 5 on 5, no dribble”. We generally play make it, take it. Check the ball at the top on change of possession. This drill does so much for your team…. Improves spacing.

Effective Moves without the Basketball Skills | STACK

Moving without the ball is one of the most important aspects of basketball—and an area often overlooked by players. Practicing effective moves without the basketball develops great offensive skills.

5 Basketball Passing Drills for Great Ball Movement

How the Drill Works: A regular scrimmage with no dribbling of the basketball allowed at any time. Games can be played either 3 on 3, 4 on 4, or 5 on 5. Purpose: A great drill to improve not only passing, but also moving without the ball, spacing, cutting, etc. This drill will lead to less over-dribbling in games and fewer turnovers. Setup:

57 Youth Basketball Drills and Games for Kids - Ages 7 to 14

Ball Reversal Offense Drill - Ball reversals tend to lead to better offense. This teaches your players how to develop the skills of moving without the ball, passing, and decision making. This teaches your players how to develop the skills of moving without the ball, passing, and decision making.

Fun Basketball Drills and Games - YMCA of Northwest North ...

#7 – Make your drills fun. In order to develop basketball skills, you MUST run drills. There’s just no way around ‘em. Drills should account for at least 75% of your practice time. So if your drills are boring, 75% of your practice will be boring. To help you, we have provided you with a bunch of exciting drills and games to incorporate ...

30 Basketball Drills that will motivate and challenge your ...

The drill starts with #1 (defensive player) passes the ball to #2 (the player that #1 is guarding) and then executes a perfect close out. As 3 receives a pass from 2, defensive player 1 jumps to denial position on the player he is guarding (#2) As the ball is swung to #4, #1 jumps to the help spot.