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If a “loose ball” foul called against the defensive team is then followed by a successful field goal, one free throw attempt will be awarded to the offended player, allowing for the three point or...

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Basketball has two straightforward objectives: shoot the ball into the hoop to score a point, and score more points than the opposing team to win the game. While pursuing these objectives, a player may commit a foul, an infraction that violates the game’s rules.

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During the track of a game, one or more players who have collected way too many fouls are said to be in “foul trouble”. All the players who have collected 5 fouls in high school and college game, or 6 fouls in NBA game will be disqualified or eliminated from that game.

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Here is a list of fouls in basketball: Blocking Foul Charging Foul Defensive Foul Double Foul Flagrant Foul Intentional Foul Loose Ball Foul Offensive Foul Personal Foul Punching Foul Shooting Foul Technical Foul

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The penalty for a Flagrant Foul is immediate ejection. There is a concern that there is lack of enforcement for Intentional Fouls. Fouling has become a strategic part at the end of game and officials need to understand the differences between common fouls, Intentional Fouls, and Flagrant Fouls and have the conviction to make the correct call.

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When a shooting foul happens inside the three-point line (either a shot, layup, floater, or dunk), the fouled player is awarded two free throws to make up for the two points they would’ve had a chance at without the foul. Likewise, a shooting foul that occurs outside of the three-point line awards three foul shots.

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In basketball, free throws or foul shots are unopposed attempts to score points by shooting from behind the free throw line, a line situated at the end of the restricted area. Free throws are generally awarded after a foul on the shooter by the opposing team, analogous to penalty shots in other team sports. Free throws are also awarded in other situations, including technical fouls, and when the fouling team has entered the bonus/penalty situation. Also, depending on the situation, a player may

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The NBA and NCAA men's competitions define a Flagrant-1 foul as unnecessary contact, and two such penalties leads to ejection of the player. A Flagrant-2 foul is contact that is both unnecessary and excessive, and requires ejection. In 2019, the NCAA added more words to describe this scenario, including brutal, harsh or cruel or dangerous or punishing.