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Basketball True or False. Basketball was developed by Dr. James A. Naismith. True. A football was used as the first basketball with a peach basket as a goal. True. Nice work! You just studied 24 terms! Now up your study game with Learn mode.

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Can you guess whether these NBA Facts are True (T) or False (F)? ... Tags: Basketball Quiz, NBA Quiz, True or False. Top Quizzes Today. Top Quizzes Today in Sports.

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Link to a random quiz page. Random Quiz. Trivia fact. Answer... Explanation. Basketball's ...

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Preview this quiz on Quizizz. QUIZ NEW SUPER DRAFT. All About basketball. 0% average accuracy. 0 plays. 1st - 5th grade ... True or false- did Jayson Tatum dunk on ...

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Which of these phrases are you most likely to hear at a basketball game? Slaaaam duuunk! It's a game of two halves. Pot the red then screw back. Man on, son! 17/17. If you're an American man between the ages of 20 and 40 and you're over 7 foot tall, there is a 17% chance you currently play for the NBA. True or false?

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1. Check all items below that are names of basketball violations. 2. Preventing the ball from going in the basket. Using hands to stop an opponent. Getting in the other team's way to give your teammate space. The use of a defender´s body position to prevent an opponent´s advance.

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True of False: If there is a tie at the end of the game a three minute overtime is played to break the tie. True. True of False: When the ball touches outside the boundary lines it is in play. (There are no boundaries in basketball) False. During a jump ball, a player can only tap the ball ____ times. One time.

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Basketball Quiz Questions. With more Americans playing basketball than any other sports, there is obviously a lot of interest (and so a lot of trivia) about this high-energy game. We’ve put together ten solid questions on the sport to challenge your contestants – let’s see how they do! 1. Who was the first player to win eleven NBA ...