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Basketball Referee Penalties and Signals - How to Officiate ...

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Referee BasketballViolations Signals. Walking or traveling. (not bouncing the ball while walking) Illegal or double dribble. Carrying or Palming the ball. Over and back (half-court violation) Five second violation. Ten seconds (taking more than 10 seconds to get the ball over half court) Kicking (intentionally kicking the ball)

Basketball Referee Signals

Referees should focus on 19,20,21,22, 24, 25, 28, 30,31, 32, 33, 34 s 19 Traveling 20 Illegal dribble 21 Palming/ carrying the ball 22 Over and back s 29 Illegal use of hand 30 Hand check 31 Holding 23 3- second violation * Open hand - run end line 24 5- second violation 25 10- second violation 32 Blocking 33 Pushing or charging 34

Basketball Fouls & Referee Signals

Basketball Fouls & Referee Signals Learn the common basketball fouls and referee hand signals found in college, high school, and youth basketball rules. Not all contact on the basketball court is illegal, but there are some specific fouls outlined in the rules that are designed to keep the contact from becoming too aggressive.

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Three Seconds – The official will indicate that a player has committed a three second violation by having three fingers raised, and the hand makes a swiping motion back and forth at the side. Five Seconds – In order to signal a five second violation the official will have five fingers raised with arm extended upward.

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Referee Hand Signals and Cheat Sheet Types (T) (I=Procedural, P=Personal Foul, T=Technical Foul) Signal Text Penalty T Duration Comments Timeout: Discretionary or Injury. Follow with tapping on chest for my TO. None RULE: 4-27 4-28 I Up to 2 minutes. 4 per game. Max 2 per half. Possession required if not a dead ball. Score None

How to Read basketball penalties and their signals ...

Read basketball penalties and their signals. By ExpertVillage. 8/31/08 7:57 PM. WonderHowTo. Know & Understand all basketball signals! Learn how the referee signals all the different basketball penalties with expert tips and advice in this free video. Part 1 of 21 - How to Read basketball penalties and their signals.


OFFICIAL BASKETBALL RULES 2014 A - Officials’ signals May 2014 Page 57 of 84 Violations . TRAVELLING . ILLEGAL DRIBBLE: DOUBLE DRIBBLING . ILLEGAL DRIBBLE: CARRYING THE BALL Rotate fists . Patting motion with palm . Half rotation with palm . 3 SECONDS 5 SECONDS 8 SECONDS Arm extended, show 3 fingers . Show 5 fingers . Show 8 fingers . 24 SECONDS


No score Goal counts Attempt and if successful Delayed lane violation Point(s) scored use 1 or 2 fingers after signal 14 13 14 15 3-point field goal 16 17 18 Bonus free throw for 2nd throw,