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While searching for an answer to that question, Dean Oliver identified what he called the "Four Factors of Basketball Success": Shooting (40%) Turnovers (25%) Rebounding (20%) Free Throws (15%) The number in parentheses is the approximate weight Mr. Oliver assigned each factor.

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They are measured using four team stats, with different weight assigned to each of them. Effective Field Goal% or EFG% (40%), Turnover Rate or TOV% (25%), Offensive Rebound Rate or ORB% (20%) and Free Throw Rate or FTR (15%) were defined by Oliver. Those factors are applied to defense as well.

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Four Factors are the box score derived metrics that correlate most closely with winning basketball games. These factors also identify a team’s strategic strengths and weaknesses. Four factors can be applied to both a team’s offense and defense, hence it gives us eight factors. 1) Team’s Own Effective Field Goal Percentage 2) Team’s Own Turnover Percentage 3) Team’s Own Offensive Rebound Percentage 4) Team’s Own Free Throw Rate

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The offensive and defensive summary pages are based on Dean Oliver’s four factors concept. You can read Dean’s more detailed explanation of the four factors here. Essentially, the four factors are the building blocks to the efficiency formula. Efficiency data gives you an idea of the quality of a team’s offense or defense, but the four factors tell you why a team is good or bad when they have or don’t have the ball.

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In this article, we quickly walk through the four factors, illustrate their utility within the game; and then compare a statistical and a mathematical model to identify the relationship between success and the four factors of the game. Four Factors: Score, Protect, Crash, and Attack. The four factors are to score efficiently, protect the basketball on offense, grab as many rebounds as possible, and get to the foul line as often as possible. Each of these elements are closely related to the ...

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Four Factors - Dean Oliver's "Four Factors of Basketball Success"; please see the article Four Factors for more information. G - Games. GB - Games Behind; the formula is ( (first W - W) + ( L - first L)) / 2, where first W and first L stand for wins and losses by the first place team, respectively.

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The Four Factors. In his seminal basketball text, Basketball on Paper, Dean Oliver first came up with the “Four Factors of Basketball Success,” which have since been shortened and are simply known as the Four Factors. There’s nothing too complicated about the reasoning behind them, as they’re meant to provide an overview of what affects performance on the court—shooting, turnovers, rebounding and free throws.

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Take a look at the four factors here: eFG%, TOV%, ORB%, and FT/FGA. First, I noticed that the factors did not have a consistent denominating factor so they are not equals in terms of quantifying them as point differentials, nor do they happen at relative frequencies. eFG% and FT/FGA use FGA, TOV% uses plays and ORB% uses total rebounds (FGs missed).