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The most optimum oil to use for knocking in/breaking in a cricket bat is raw linseed oil as the properties of the oil tend to lock in the moisture content of the willow and impart a spring-like characteristic to the outer core of wood. This should be the characteristic you should be looking from the oil you use to knock in the bat.

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1: Which Oil Can Be Used For Cricket Bat? RAW Linseed Oil. 2: How much oil to use.? Normally you just need about 1 or 2 caps full ( 1-2 teaspoons ) of the Raw Linseed Oil. 3: How to Apply Linseed Oil to a Cricket Bat? Make sure you have removed any type of protective scuff sheets from the cricket bat and cleaned the surface of any leftover goo, debris or dirt.

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How to Oil Your Bat. Apply 2-3 teaspoons of oil to the face of the bat. You can use an old piece of rag but it doesn’t matter if you use your fingers. Make sure you don’t oil the splice, or within a CM of the splice. The oil should cover the face of the bat, the edges, the heel, and about 4 CM from the edges on the back of the bat.

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Coat the face of the bat with the oil. You can use a rag or your fingers. Do not put any oil within 25mm of the splice (where the handle joins the blade of the bat). Cover the edges and heel of the bat and about 40 mm in from the edges on the back of the bat. You want the oil on the face of the bat drawn into the face.

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What Kind of Oil Do you Have to Use in Oiling Your Cricket Bat? Linseed oil is commonly used in furnishing furniture and so this applies to your cricket bats as well. Linseed oil is a kind of oil that contains the nutrients in keeping the cricket bat’s fibers intact and prevent them from drying out, causing cracks. Specifically, only raw linseed oil is usually used in oiling cricket bats, but linseed oil from the crafts store can work just the same and can still guarantee the same results ...

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Spread the oil over the face of the bat using your fingers. Spread the leftover linseed oil over the edges and toe of the bat. Let each coat of oil soak in overnight and repeat the process before starting the knocking in with the mallet. More on this process can be found at http://www.laverwood.us/batcare.php.

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Why is Oiling Necessary Before Knocking-In Your Cricket Bat? The main reason you should oil your New Balance cricket bats is to soften the wooden fibers of the bat gently. That makes it ready for knocking and helps seal any moisture into the wood.

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Pour a very small amount of oil on to the face of the bat. I like to use Linseed oil as this aids water repellence and is the most commonly used oil for this process. Use the cloth to spread this oil across the entire surface area. Ensure that all uncovered areas of the bat receive a thin layer of oil.