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Why Do Football Commentators Yell Goal? - Top Soccer Blog

Screaming goal was the perfect descriptive tool that a radio commentator could use to indicate to the listening audience that a goal has been scored. As time passed and with the introduction of television, it became part and parcel of soccer commentary to shout goal when someone has scored. To generate excitement

Soccer Announcer Goal - YouTube

Soccer announcer gives the quintessential futbol announcer goal shout.

Goal side defending in soccer - Global Futbol Training - Top ...

Often times in a club or high school soccer match you will hear the coach or player yell out “Get goal side”. It’s really easy for players to end up doing what we call as “Ball watching” which means they are watching the ball instead of looking around to see where people are. You need to position yourself well to be good at defending in soccer.

GooooaaaAAAALLLL - YouTube

great commentary and of course longest scream of Goal ever!Paddy in BAhttp://paddyinba.blogspot.com/

World Cup announcer Andres Cantor explains his famous 'Goal ...

Cantor often reminds people he wasn't the first Spanish announcer to belt out 10-, 15- or 20-second shouts to let viewers know a goal had been scored — it had been a mainstay in Latin American ...

The Role of the Goalkeeper| Soccer Positions Explained

Get a partner to stand between 10 and 20 yards from the goal; Stand on the goal-line with your back facing the kicker. The kicker should then shoot towards the goal and yell out just before striking the ball; Immediately you hear the yell, turn around and attempt to catch or punch the ball; This drill can be performed in sets of 10 or 20 reps.

Soccer's slang, cliches & idioms explained - Goal.com

Howler - Used to describe the event of a grave footballing mistake, usually committed by the goalkeeper. For example, Hugo Lloris committed a howler when he failed to save Mohamed Salah’s header ...

Why do Spanish commentators shout "gooooooooool"? | Goal.com

Spain-based commentators since have adopted the celebration, and German broadcasters have their own version in which they scream "TOOOOOR" ("Tor" is German for "goal").

Spanish commentator unleashes the longest ‘Gol’ call ever for ...

Loading your audio article. Mexican club Pachuca won the Liga MX title in dramatic fashion, with Victor Guzmán scoring in the 93rd minute to clinch the win. Forget about the goal, though; we’re ...