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The only restrictions on the racquet are its size. It must be no longer than 29 inches (73.66cms) including the handle, or 12.5 inches (31.75cms) in width. The hitting surface must be a flat...

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Racket, tennis ball, shoes, and a dress code are mandatory equipment for the sport. Apart from player needs, the tennis court needs a net to separate playing area of each player. Know about these equipment in detail below. Racket. Rackets can be made of many alloys or wood. There are no restrictions on the size or materials used in making a racket.

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First, the ball should be in a fluorescent ”optic yellow” color. Second, the official rules of tennis also state that the ball has to fit the official diameter of 6.54-6.86cm (2.57-2.7in) and weigh between 56-59.4g (1.98-2.10oz). Modern regulation tennis balls are also kept in a pressurized container until initial use.

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Type 1 tennis balls work well on the fastest courts like grass, type 2 is often in use on hard courts, and type 3 is ideal for slow courts like clay. High altitude tennis balls feature a lower internal pressure, which helps normalize their performance at altitudes above 4,000 feet (1,219 meters). Shoes

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Interestingly, as a rule, the tension force of horizontal and vertical strings is different. Usually, a tennis racket is chosen individually for each player. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has special requirements for rackets: The length of the racket should not exceed 73.66 cm. The width of the racket should not exceed 31.75 cm.

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Tennis is a popular sport because it does not require much equipment for players. It also does not require a whole team of players. The sport can be played with anywhere from two to four people. Only the racket, balls, shoes, and net are mandatory for a match.


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3.Tennis shirts and shorts or dresses. As well as headband and wristbands to absorb heat. Rules & Differences Between Snooker And Billiards Sports Game; How does a player score and win in tennis? Firstly, It is important to know that the tennis match for men has 5 sets and the one for women has 3 sets. Now, every sets contains 6 games.