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Tennis Racquet Power Potential: The Total Performance Measurement

For example, the Babolat Pure Drive has the following power potential values: Sweetspot Power = 41%; Periphery Power = 20.5%; Tip Power = 22%; Throat Power = 51%. In other words, this racquet returns 41 percent of the ball's impact speed (combined racquet and ball speed) in the center, 22 percent three inches out from the center, 21 percent at the tip, and 51 percent in the throat.

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1.0 Which is the best tennis racket for beginners? We recommend the Wilson Blade 101L V7.0 for beginners. If it is too light, the Wilson ProStaff97L is a perfect choice, but should only be played by ambitious beginners who want to spend a lot of time on the court. 2.0 Which is the best tennis racket for advanced players?

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Pay no attention to the power level listed on the specs tab. It's meaningless. For example, the Boris Becker 11 Special Edition is listed as Low for the power level. But if you go to TWU and check the location rankings, the BB11 SE has the highest level of power at the center of the string bed (21" up) than any other racket they have ever tested.

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There are a few things that unite the best power racquets on the market: Larger head size (100 sq inches or more) Thick beam (24 mm or thicker) Open string pattern (for more spin and launch) Lower weight (there are Tour versions that give you even more power though) High stiffness rating (67+ RA strung – often more)

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For a given hitting location the power potential is always a fixed percentage of the impact speed, is a different percentage for each location, and generally varies from racquet to racquet. For example, if the power potential is 40% in the center of the racquet, then the ball will bounce from the racquet at 40% of the impact speed.

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A lower number rating indicates a more flexible racquet and the higher number a stiffer racquet with the vast majority carrying between a 55 and 75 RA rating. What String Pattern Should You Choose? The string pattern relates to the number of the cross and main strings on the racquet, e.g. 16 main strings x 19 crosses.

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With power being rated at medium coming half from the racket, players can swing fast and big, providing their own power more comfortably. Feel, and speed is what comes to mind with this racket with the dual technology.

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The inbuilt power of a racquet in the middle of the strings therefore depends only on the length and swingweight of the racquet, and on nothing else. Rebound power vs. Swingweight Figure 2: Calculated values of RP at a point 16 cm from the tip of the racquet, vs. swingweight, for the same racquets as those in Fig. 1.