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The set of rules is quite extensive in tennis. It forms the basic structure on which every tennis match is built. The rules mainly ensure that all possible situations and scenarios on the court are clarified. So the players know how to behave at that particular moment.

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The Basic Rules of Tennis In a game of singles, 2 players play against each other. Each tennis player stands on opposite sides of the net and uses a tennis racket to hit the ball back and forth. The point starts with one of the players performing a serve, and the other player attempting to return ...

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Ninh explains the Rules of Tennis, a popular racquet sport played worldwide. A beginner's explanation of Olympic and International Tennis Rules.Watch this sh...

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Tennis Rules Object of the Game. The game of tennis played on a rectangular court with a net running across the centre. The aim is to... Players & Equipment. A tennis match can be played by either one player on each side – a singles match – or two players... Scoring. You need to score four points to ...

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The rules of tennis simplified and explained for beginners or casual followers of the sport to provide a basic understanding of how it all works!#tennis #ten...

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In doubles, the player on the opposing team due to serve will serve these points. Players or teams switch ends of the court every six points (e.g. when the score is 4-2), and to score this tiebreak game, you use, “zero” “one”, “two”, “three”, etc. The first player or team to win seven points, by two, wins the tiebreak.

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To begin with, let’s start with some basic tennis rules for beginners. Tennis is played between two opponents (called a singles match) or four opponents (called a doubles match). These opponents play on a marked surface called a tennis court, which is divided into equal halves by a net. Tennis rackets are used to hit the ball from one part of the court to another, and the scoring system makes use of games, which are won to win a set, and then sets to win the match.

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Tennis scoring rules. There are multiple ways a point can be scored. Among them: An unreturnable ball (ball bounces twice); Double fault; Ace (unreturnable serve);