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Pain when the thumb is bent backwards. Pain in the web of the thumb when it is moved. Swelling over the joint at the bottom of the thumb. Laxity and instability in the joint.

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Volleyball Thumb Injuries. Injuries to the hand occur very often in volleyball, especially when blocking a spiked ball. The thumb is especially susceptible to injury because it takes the brunt of the force from the ball, leading to sprains and strains… and in some cases even fractures. The most common of these thumb injuries is a thumb sprain.

Volleyball Finger Injuries [13 Tips You Really Should Know]

The most common finger injuries in volleyball are sprains, splits and broken bones, usually from blocking or defensive plays. Finger sprains come in 3 degrees of severity, with the 2nd and 3rd degrees keeping you out of the game for a few weeks. Jammed or jarred fingers can be less severe, but may also result in a sprain if you take a particularly bad hit.

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Sprains and strains are most common, followed by fractures and contusions and dislocations with the thumb and little finger being most at risk. The metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb is the most commonly injured ligament in the hand (known as a thumb sprain ) along with finger sprains . Thumb sprain

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In addition, other common volleyball finger injuries beyond hand and finger sprains or fractures include: #14: PIP Ligamentous Injuries. This type of volleyball hand injury happens when trauma causes the bones in the middle joint of the finger to dislodge, causing pain and an inability to move the finger properly. There may be bruising, swelling and pain in the affected finger.

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Pain over the joint in the finger where the damage has occurred. Pain when bending the finger and stressing the injured ligament. Possible swelling over the joint. Restricted mobility and movement in the finger.

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Finger Injuries. How injury may occur: Trauma to fingers is common in blocking or setting in volleyball, as well as encounters with the net or other players. Usually the injury is a sprain, tendon tear or fracture. Treatment: Treatment for finger injuries depends on the severity of the injury. Most sprains do well with rest, ice and buddy taping.

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Increase in pain, numbness, discoloration or itchiness. Swelling or excessive amounts of redness in the wrist and hand, or down to the thumb and fingers. Thumb taping can help to prevent and heal thumb injuries. Image credit: flickr.